Terms & Conditions

Identification of retailer
The products selling conditions are set by AC2 Srls Campobasso via Umberto I, number 5 to register number 32309 VAT number 0874550909 or e-mail address ac2srl@legalmail.it .

1      Definition
1.1   With an on-line sale we intend a contract stipulated through telematics tools between customer and customer organized by customer  retailer
1.2   The buyer is considered the person who purchases product outside that of commercial or profession use
1.3   The retailer is considered the person that offers product for information pertinent to product
2      Contract
2.1   This contract states that retailer and buyer use telematics tools website www.ac2-knives.com
2.2   All products are illustrated in above website mentioned
3      Stipulation of contract
The contract is stipulated by retailer and buyer through above website mentioned. For telephone or e-mail orders relevant data will be sent by retailer to buyer
4. conclusion
4.1   The contract of acquisition is made through an on-line request sent to the above e-mail a these which can be found in our web page. All relevant information will be available, such as payment agreements. Shipping charges, delivery charges and also on the right to decline contract.
4.2   The moment in which the retailer receives order from buyer an e-mail of confirmation will be sent back
4.3   Handcraft products which are not on shelf will presumably be available in 2-3 weeks from order date. 50% of product price is required as an account at time of order and remaing 50% of product price is required when product is available. This prior to delivery. The buyer must send e-mail to retailer concluding order information and retailer will answer organizing payment etc..
5. Terms of payment and refund.
5.1 All payments must be made through on one of the methods indicated in our website. Only in case
of warehouse purchase products may be paid cash

5.2 all refunds will be applied according to proposals made by retailer and accepted by buyer. The right to withdraw from purchase is covered in clause 13 point 2 following the contract rules within 30 days after retailer has products returned
5.3   all payment agregments are protected by a system of encryption. The retailer guarantees storage of data by safe deposit encryption following all laws regarding personal data.
6 delivery
6.1 the retailer will deliver products ordered by means chosen by buyer (e-mail point 4-2)
6.2 forwarding time may vary from the order date to a maximum of four weeks. If forwarding is unable within given time the buyer will be informed by means of an e-mail sent by retailer.some products are handmade and produced according to order made, the forwarding time for this products is estimated in 1 to 4 weeks (particular products up to 3 months) such products require payment of an account on order date and the remaining amount before delivery
6.3 all regarding time and cost of delivery is indicated in our website. For handmade products forwarding may take longer, in this case buyer will be informed on presumed delivery date.
7.  Prices
7.1 All prices indicated in our website are express in euro are considered the final selling price.
7.1   all prices indicated include tax fees such as export duty and are considered the final selling price
7.2   all  prices indicated are valid until date indicated on catalogue
8. product availability
8.1 The retailer assures delivery by use of a telematics system.
The availability of products is referee to handmade on shelf and warehouse products. Which are listed in website.

8.2 if order made is superior to product availability the retailer will inform buyer of time needed for availability of product. Confirmation of order is then required on behalf of  buyer.
8.3 retailer will confirm order by e-mail (point 4-2)
9. responsabilities
9.1 The retailer is not liable for poor services caused by unpredictable  events
9.2 the retailer is not liable to poor services offered due to website malfunction
9.3 the retailer is not liable to money losses on behalf of buyer caused by damaged products
9.4 the retailer is not liable to cases of fraud caused by other than himself regarding payment methods such as credit card or cheque etc.. . However all relative caution is taken at time of payment by retailer to avoid interference of others
9.5 the buyer is not liable to payment delay if proof of payment is given
9.6 the retailer is not liable to the use that buyer makes of purchased products. The retailers sells products for sport, collection professional and working use.
10. damaged products and refund
10.1 The articles 114 and 55in the code of consumption state that the retailer is liable to damage caused by defect in sold product in case of omitted communication to buyer of defect, if known, within 3 months of order date
10-2 the request for refund must be made in form of a written request by the buyer and is to include the time and place of order of product and proof damaged item if still existent
10-3 the retailer is not liable to the consequences caused by damaged products if he is unaware of defects in product at time order
10-4 no refund is due to the costumer if he is aware of defect of products and the damage it may cause
10-5 the customer must give proof of products defect and the connection it has leading to customer losses
11 Warranty and assistance
11.1 the retailer responds to defects in product for a period of two years after delivery date
11.2 the contract presumes that products sold are conform and pertinent to use when the following is applied
a) item is appropriate be used for its purpose
b) item answers to retailer’s description
c) item is appropriate to be used for specific use required by customer
d) item is appropriate to be used for specific use required by customer
11.3 the customer must inform retailer of damaged product within is days of delivery unless retailer is already aware of defect
11.4 in case of defect the customer may ask for damage product to be repaired or substituted. The customer may ask for a reduction in item cost or to decline from contract within is days from delivery date (art. 130 comma code of consumption)
11.5 customer requests must be made by means of a return receipt registered letter or e-mail. The retailer must then answer customer request organizing an eventual exchange or  refund
12. Obligations of the buyer
12.1 the customer must pay for product as agreed to in contract
12.2 the customer must store copy of contract stipulated
12.3 the information given in contact has been read and accepted
13 right of withdrawal
13.1 the costumer has the right to withdraw from contract stipulated without specifying reason within 14 working day of delivery date
13.2 if product delivered is not conform to description (art. 52 code of consumption) the customer may withdraw from contract within 90 days
13.3 the customer must make a written request by means of a registered receipt return letter or e-mail
13.4 customer must return product within 30 days from delivery date so as to ensure the right to refund. The product must be returned complete with eventual accessories if provided and without having been used.
13.5 the customer must not open packaging
13.6 customer cost for returned products include shipping and delivery costs. This includes product delivered free of charge retailer
13.7 the retailer ensures refund within 30 days of receiving in return product excluding customer delivery costs
13.8 after the request of withdrawal the stipulated contracts is cancelled and both retailer and costumer are considered free of all previous obligations
14. resolution causes
14-1 point 12-1 and art. 5-1 point 6 are considered essential and if not followed will result in the resolution of the contract stipulated. Without need of judicial pronunciation ex art 1456
15 privacy
15.1 the retailer guarantees privacy as to customer data conform to law number 1961 30 June 2003
1) protection of data used for administrative or book/keeping purposes (Gazzetta Ufficiale number 152 1 July 2008)
2) practical guide to measures of simplification for medium/large businesses published in Gazzetta Ufficiale .. June
15.2 data is collected using personal or telematics means and is used by retailer to enable the stipulation of contact (art. 24 comma 1 lettera B) DLGS 96 2003) 22
15.3 the retailer must ensure complete privacy as to data given by customer. The retailer must not give information to others other then to be used for sale purposes. The data must be given of asked for buy judicial authority
15.4 personal data is given only  after stipulation of contract to subjects delegated pertinent to sale purposes
15.5 art. 7 del D.DLGS 196/2003 the buyer has the right to obtain
a) updating of data, integration of data
b) the removal of data used in violation law or data used for purchase which need not be stored
c) the right to oppose to data use if considered by customer not correct

15.6 the customer must give correct data to ensure sale
15.7 given data will be held no longer than required. Data will be removed in a secure manner
15.8 the customer must give required data to retailer
15.9 data must be sent to retailer e-mail address, irrelevant information will not be taken in to consideration. Data given must not be offensive towards other. The retailer declines responsibility for data contents.
16. contract
16.1 a copy of order is stored at retailer address art. 12 D.LGS 70/2003
17. complaints
17.1 complaints must be sent to retailer address. The customer must by notify they business address telephone number and e-mail
18. disputes
18.1 all disputes which derive from contract are subject to an attempt of conciliation through the Campobasso chamber of commerce.
19. laws
19.1 the stipulated contracts is regulated by Italian laws
19.2 As far as not expressly provided, are subject to the laws
19.3 art. 60 cod.cons, point III, capo cod.cons
final clause
The customer states having read information as to right of withdrawal, use of personal data and retailer address.
The above has been translated from Italian to English and is considered valid. However for eventual translation mistares the Italian version is the considered valid.